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Introduction of CCWG

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About us

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About us

CCWG (=Climate Change Working Group) is intended to be linked to climate change issues and intellectual resources which students have, through participation in events such as UNFCCC/COP (Conference of Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change) and regular study sessions. CCWG was established in February 2003, as a subordinate organization of the AGS UTSC, by master's students at University of Tokyo.

The role of students in CCWG is considered the following three points. First, from the standpoint of a researcher with the respective areas of expertise, we can understand how to capture a variety of climate change issues by providing knowledge each other. Second, from the student’s perspective which is not directly connected with society, we try to absorb neutral ideas without persistence in a particular activity and opinion. Third, we should make students at the University of Tokyo who may hold a key position in society get interested in climate change issues.