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We are happy if you're familiar with us 最終更新日:November 02, 2011


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IYSECC is the international student conference held by Beijing and Tsinghua university students group. This was the third time and for us, this was the second time to take part in.

We CCWG were asked to participate as Japanese delegate group and have a presentation to them. So, we sent 8 members and had 2 presentations about "How to facilitate environmental technology transfer between China and Japan" and "Turning point of environmental energy policy in Japan".

Each was seemed to be interesting or worth hearing for Chinese students and other foreign students from India and US. We had many questions and discussions about these topics, some were difficult and controversial, so it was sometimes difficult to tell them exactly what we wanted to tell and wanted them to understand, but that was very precious experience for us.

Through this conference, what was the most impressive was the passion and difference of attitude toward environmental action between Chinese students and us. We gave impression that Chinese students regard concrete actions like recycling and planting trees more important than sitting actions. That could be what we have to consider for our prolong activities.