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Introduction of CCWG

We are happy if you're familiar with us 最終更新日:November 01, 2011


About us

Our Activities


May Festival

CCWG participates May festival of the University of Tokyo with other working groups every year. The main contents are lectures and poster presentations.

Through the May festival, CCWG provides information which members collected at international meeting, such as COP. Also, this event is good opportunity for us to have discussion with people who are interested in climate change or energy issue.

Themes of poster presentations in these years are following:

  • energy plan in Japan
  • international organization and green house gas emission reduction
  • The method of CO2 reduction at home in japan after 3.11 earthquake
  • The method of CO2 reduction at office in japan after 3.11 earthquake
  • Copenhagen Accord and domestic policy of major countries and union, such as China, EU, Russia, U,S.A., Japan, and so on.