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Introduction of CCWG

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About us

Our Activities


Study Session(Regular and Special)

The regular study session is usually held once in a month at the Hongo or Kashiwa campus of Univ. of Tokyo. Each session takes about 3 to 4 hours and consists of presentations on research and workshops about a certain theme.

Presentations on research are given by graduate students focusing on climate change. Though the main theme is climate change, the approach to the issue varies. It provides a good opportunity to learn about different areas and listen to diverse views.

At workshops, everyone takes part in resource researching, brainstorming and discussions. As one of the main activities of CCWG is participating COP, the workshop focuses on learning the basic knowledge and understanding the negotiation process.

There are also special study sessions occasionally. We invite special guests from in and outside of the university to learn cutting-edge information and researches of the climate change field. Sometimes we have joint workshop with other student groups too. Below are the study sessions held in the past.

Year Month Topic
2010 June “Hydrogen enegy and Nuclear enegy utilization” - Importance of Hydrogen and Nuclear enegy for Japan and Climate Change policy -
2010 July “Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS)”
2010 August “Presentations on research”, “Negotiation game” @ Summer camp
2010 October “About COP and COP16”
2010 October “Presentation by COP16 participating members on each interested topic ”
2010 October “Climate change, science and international negotiations” - Towards COP 16- Co-hosted by Eco-League
2010 November “Reporting Session of COP 10”
2010 November “Advance Reporting Session of COP 16”
2010 November “COP16 Special Lecture”
2010 December “Reporting Session of COP 16”
2011 Feburary “Student Summit for Environment”
2011 May “May Festival”
2011 August “Reporting Session of IYSECC”
2011 October “Presentation by COP17 project members on each interested topic ”
2011 November “Panel disscussion about COP17 with various group ”